We so sorry but we have put Noddy’s eShop out to pasture. Why do you ask?

Well, since we opened our eShop in 22 August 2021, an amazing run of almost 2,5 years, we have only had 17 online orders.

We discovered that customers preferred buying IN the shop and see our delicious, tasty mouth watering offerings in the flesh so to speak! They enjoyed being able to ask for a little sample to taste test before selecting what they would like to have for lunch.

And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like getting out of the office for some fresh air, a little walk and socialising with our other super friendly customers who are dining in.

When we asked customers if they had ever considered placing an order on line, and if not, why not. We were a bit surprised with what we heard! However, their views were not unexpected.

Many of our customers did not like providing their credit / debit card details on-line in view of the all the high profile companies and government departments that have been hacked recently and customer data sold to criminals.

As a small business operator we had to seriously reconsider the exorbitant 23% fee levied by Paypal for each sale they processed. The fee WooCommerce charge for using their eCommerce software is also pretty steep.

We could not offer a delivery service since that would have cost even more and we could not bring ourselves lob that onto the price as well.

We also discovered that Google wanted all our listings to be registered with a company that added universal product numbers to “verify” the authenticity of the listing and then added a charge for maintaining this product number in their database.

Google would lower the visibility of our eShop if we did not subscribe to this service.

When we add the bank credit / debit card transaction fee on top of these costs, it proved too expensive to operate the eShop and in the end resulted in a significant financial loss.

Having said that, it was a great learning experience and good fun.

We would like to thank every customer who put their faith in us and used the eShop.

Take care, Renae..