To keep everyone safe and ensure a fair go for everyone we ask you to please have patience and follow a few simple rules from QLD Health.

  1. First in first seated, Sorry we can’t take booking at this time. If the seats are all taken, take-away is still available.
  2. Sanitize. Please sanitize your hands on arrival.
  3. Maximum 10 people seated inside at any time.
  4. 45 minutes maximum. We request that you please keep your visit short so others can be seated.
  5. Social distancing. Please observe 1.5 meter spacing between people. 2 seats per table.
  6. Contact tracing. Please leave your name and phone number in the diary if you are staying more than 10 minutes. This is for your safety so you can be contacted if there are positive cases reported.
  7. Tables will be sanitized between customers. If there is used crockery on the table let us know so we can remove it and sanitize before you are seated.
  8. Take away customers. If there are seated diners we please ask take away customers to wait outside, we will bring your order as quick as possible.
    Thanks Renae