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Xmas Goodies For YOU

We've been doing the Elf shift for weeks now to get as many goodies ready for Xmas as we can. AND there's more to come! Tootle over to the shop front and get your larder stocked up quickly. Time she is a-fleeting!

Noddy’s eShop Put To Pasture…

We so sorry but we have put Noddy's eShop out to pasture. Why do you ask? Well, since we opened our eShop in 22 August 2021, an amazing run of almost 2,5 years, we have only had 17 online orders. We discovered that customers preferred buying IN the shop and see our...

Noddy’s Online Shop

You asked for it and we heard you; we are working at setting up a on-line shop for select products.Secure payment is arranged through PayPal, where security is managed. Your payment details are never shared with us and can therefor not be compromised.